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Athens Administrators, Phase 3 -

2,400 Sq.Ft. Tenant Improvement and Identity Re-branding of the Customer Reception, Lounge, and Conference Spaces. 

In Design Development

Geneva Terrace -

1,700 Sq.Ft. Tenant Improvement and Restoration of the existing community center in an Eichler Home Association 

In Design Development

Salon Stilo - 

2,200 Sq.Ft. Tenant Improvement and Identity Re-branding of the high-end hair salon.

Completed in 2016

Life Chiropractic College West - 

26,200 Sq.Ft. Tenant Improvement of the Assembly Hall, Indoor Basketball Court, and Exercise Gym. 

Completed in 2016

Intentio Fitness Coaching -

2,800 Sq.Ft. Tenant Improvement and Identity Branding of the high-performance fitness and rehabilitation center

Completed in 2015

Athens Administrators, Phase 2 -

11,700 Sq.Ft. Tenant Improvement of the Executive & Marketing Offices, Conference Rooms, Work Spaces, and Amenities. 

Completed in 2015

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