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my story

Growing up in Moscow, Russia I was surrounded by architectural wonders - all the buildings were big and vibrant, a representation of Russian Renaissance and Romanesque architecture with transverse arches, small, narrow windows, and metal bulbous cupolas painted in various shades. From early childhood I found myself drawing and coloring houses of my dreams. At the time, four walls, a triangular roof, and smoke from the chimney implying the need for a wood-burning fireplace seemed to suffice. As time went on, I realized that creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from our original thoughts and perspectives. So why not create something more? Upon graduating from University of California - Berkeley with a Bachelor's of Arts in Architecture and with the help of my imagination and enthusiasm propelling me, I began to think more about how we move through our surroundings and the importance of features such as corridors or nooks and how they force us to explore the environment. Architecture and design has become so much more to me than four walls and a roof. It is a sense of identity, culture, and the fundamental principles of our respective traditions.  

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